Discover How Chiropractic Treatment Can Help With Stress

Stress is something that plagues the modern world. There is some evidence that in recent years the amount of stress people suffer from has reduced, but it continues to be one of the biggest underlying causes of today’s health issues. Some of the root causes of stress that has a detrimental impact on people’s health include the state of the economy, a person’s financial situation, family life, and worrying about poor health. Here we will take a look at how chiropractic treatment can help with stress.

How Stress Negatively Impacts Health

The body reacts in different ways to types of stress and the level at which that stress is experienced. Stress can have an impact on the musculoskeletal system. This causes chronic headaches and serious migraines. It can also cause muscles to tense and lead to cramping.

The cardiovascular system can be impacted as well. Those who have regular bouts of stress and anxiety can experience elevated heart rates, serious inflammation and it can even put them at a higher risk of stroke. It impacts coronary arteries which can mean a person is not only at risk of stroke but also a heart attack.

The endocrine system can be negatively impacted as well. This raises levels of cortisol which is the stress hormone. When cortisol levels are impacted, it causes all kinds of problems. Higher levels of cortisol are found to be persistent in those who experience morbid obesity. It is also something commonly present in those who have diabetes. A person who is diabetic and obese is at high risk of heart disease.

Stress can also impact the respiratory system. When anxiety and stress bring on an acute attack, a person can experience rapid breathing. They can begin to hyperventilate. This can then trigger a panic attack, which further increases stress and the impact it has on the person’s health.

When a person is having chronic issues with anxiety and stress in their life, they will tend to go through periods where they are very irritable and feel angry without any specific reason for it. They will often feel anxious and even overwhelmed by ordinary situations. They will go through bouts of depression, and they will feel chronically fatigued.

They likely find it difficult to sleep, and even when they do sleep, they wake up feeling tired because they were unable to get the deep sleep they needed so they could feel fully rested. They will also find that their body is physically tense and their muscles are sore or tense, and they may even begin to experience cramping. When a person is chronically in a state of stress, it wears down the body.

The average person feels far removed from the days when we lived in caves. But internally our bodies still work very much the same. When we experience stress, our bodies internally perceive it as though we are under an immediate and imminent threat. The body begins to go into shock and to fight this it releases hormones that prepare a person to fight or take flight to protect themselves. Although the average person isn’t at risk of being eaten by a lion, they do experience a similar type of stress caused by pressures at work, congested traffic, arguments at work or at home, illness, and other similar factors.

How Can Chiropractic Treatments Help Alleviate Stress?

The average person probably imagines a chiropractic doctor working with someone who’s been in a car accident or injured at work. While this is certainly a major part of a chiropractic doctor’s practice, one of the most significant areas of treatment they administer are with those who are ravaged with the ill-effects of chronic stress. People find that they have neck and back pain, chronic headaches and other negative consequences and some realize it’s from stress while others are not sure where the pain comes from.

These things often lead us to being sleep deprived, and this leads to issues such as fatigue and depression. Those issues then often lead us to eat comfort foods that lack good nutrition and this simply further compounds the total issue. It is shocking for the average American to discover that 75% of Americans have physical symptoms that are in direct response to stress levels. One-third of those individuals consider their stress levels to be very extreme.

A chiropractic doctor is specifically trained to manipulate the spine to improve stress impulses that can otherwise radiate through the body. This, in turn, will help the patient improve their ability to cope with stress. In fact, most chiropractic doctors believe that the first step a person needs to take to reduce stress is to get a spinal alignment.

The spine is directly associated with the body’s nervous system and the brain. These all work together to send signals through the body and make it function correctly or incorrectly. When the spine is correctly aligned, the signals sent by the brain and the nervous system work more efficiently. This will then allow the body to manage hormones that can either improve or worsen the condition.

The care given by a chiropractic doctor can also impact other areas that can improve conditions related to stress. A visit to your chiropractic doctor can mean that you notice your mood is elevated and your bouts of depression are diminished. You are likely to find that you are able to sleep better and because you are more rested, you’re better able to cope with the things that typically cause you to stress out.

When you get an adjustment by a chiropractic doctor, you will find that tension in your muscles is relieved. Blood circulation will improve, and this will allow you to become more relaxed. Your body will free itself of the fight or flight response, which will then reduce the levels of cortisol being released.

Your chiropractic doctor can work with you to provide relaxation techniques, deep tissue massage, and even help you make changes in your posture that will improve your ability to handle stress. In the modern world, it is unlikely that you can completely eliminate stress, but with a routine visit to your chiropractor, you can significantly reduce it and manage it better. Anyone who has never experienced the benefits of this type of treatment should try it.