How Dentists Fix A Broken Tooth

If you have recently broken your tooth and need to have it restored, you can go to a dentist for help. They are able to provide you with several different solutions, depending upon the severity of the breakage. In some cases, they may have to remove the tooth altogether, or they may be able to cover it with something to restore its appearance. Other times, a crown may need to be placed over the tooth to improve the way that it looks. Let’s look at the process that you will go through if you have a broken tooth that can be easily repaired by a local dentist.

How A Dentist Will Fix A Cracked Tooth

A dentist will be able to help you with a cracked tooth in a couple of different ways. The same is true for those that have been chipped. They will use what is called a bonding procedure where they will apply a composite resin. It will match the color of your tooth, and once it has solidified, it will appear as if nothing has happened. This process will require them to file down the areas that are rough, and then they will take a mold. From these molds, they will be able to design the exact dimensions of the tooth that has been cracked or chipped and restore it as it once was before.

How A Dentist Can Fix A Broken Tooth

If you have a tooth that is broken, there are a couple of options available. First of all, they may recommend putting on a crown. This is very similar to the procedure where you would receive a dental implant. The crown is the portion of the implant that resembles a regular tooth. In this case, an implant will not be necessary. They will simply file down the tooth so that the crown can be cemented on the tooth that remains. It will be intact because the tooth will still be alive, rooted in your mouth naturally, and this procedure will require them to take a mold to create the exact shape and dimensions of the crown that will be used. The other option is that they may be able to do what is called a bridge. This is where they will affix this bridge to either side of the broken tooth, adhering to the teeth that were not damaged. In both of these cases, your tooth repair can be done over the course of several weeks. It just depends on how long it takes them to create the crown or bridge.

Would You Ever Need To Have A Dental Implant?

In some cases, you may need to have a dental implant done. This is where the tooth was so severely damaged that it may end up dying. This occurs when the root of the tooth has been injured to such a large degree that extraction of the tooth will be necessary. For this process, the tooth will be extracted. They will take a mold of your upper or lower teeth, wherever the broken tooth was located. They will then be able to determine how it should look to create a natural appearance. This is where the artistry of the dentist comes in. Once this has been done, they will then create the crown. They will then have you come into the office to have the implant, and then you will wait for several weeks. They will provide you with a temporary crown, so it looks as if nothing has been extracted. This will give the body time to adjust to the implant. When no infections are detected, they will then place the crown on the implant. This is the shortest portion of the procedure. Whether you have one broken tooth or several, they will complete this process the same day. The final result will be a restored smile courtesy of this dental work.

Why You May Need To Have Veneers

Veneers are extremely thin pieces of porcelain that are crafted to match the original appearance of your tooth. This is applied to the front of the teeth and can easily cover cracks or chips. This is only done if the tooth was not injured to the point where it needs to be extracted. They will need to file down the remainder of the tooth on the surface. By doing so, this will give them enough room to apply the veneer. Once done, it will likely last a lifetime, and as long as you are able to match up the exact color of your teeth, it will not be noticeable once the process is done.

How To Choose The Best Dentist For These Procedures

If you do need to have any of these procedures done, it should be via a dentist that has excellent prices and a good reputation. You should be able to find a dentist that will help you out immediately, especially if you are currently in a substantial amount of pain. Subsequently, you may want to get estimates from different dentists that can provide you with this type of service. You can do this by looking at reviews online, or you may know someone who has recently cracked a tooth that can help you with a referral for your situation.

These are just a few ways that a dentist can help you fix a broken tooth. If it is only chipped or cracked, veneers might be an option. If it has been damaged substantially, they may need to file it down to add a crown or bridge. If it does need to be extracted, a bridge or dental implant will be your only option. You will likely need to work with a cosmetic dentist that can do this type of work. They will also be skilled at general dentistry as well. Make sure that you evaluate the different dentists in your community that provide these services. Once you have multiple estimates, and you have learned about each dental practice, you can choose the provider that has the best reputation and offers affordable pricing for these dental procedures